Sunday Poser # 24

Welcome to week 24 of Sunday Poser

My question this week is;

Are you a good listener?

Listening is an acquired art. Not everyone is a good listener. I am not. I have too many ideas stirring through my gray matter to keep quiet. This is not good. People value good listeners. People who can give their full attention to the other person and listen wholeheartedly to what they are saying. I’d say that a good listener is worth their weight in gold. That’s why if you find someone who can listen to your ideas, problems, or woes, you feel as if you have unburdened your heart.

I have this unfortunate habit of trying to give advice or to try and fix the issue. All the other person wants is that I should listen. (In Sunday Poser week # 4, I had written that I want to become a good listener, I guess it’s still a work in progress) I am still trying to inculcate this habit.

What about you?

Are you a good listener?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Thanks for visiting and reading.



63 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 24

  1. That is a good question, Sadje. I’m not sure. I have training in Cognitive Coaching, so I know a lot about how to listen. I know I interrupt a lot, but I also act as a sounding board to many people, including online. I know how to spark conversation and to converse by reciprocating ideas. But do I listen? The material for a new post!

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  2. I find it is a work in progress. Knowing what I do about the importance of listening, I try to catch myself from formulating an answer while the other person is talking. Instead I focus on repeating what they have said to ensure understanding.

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  3. No, same as you I’m more interested in what’s swirling around in my own mind to listen as I should. I do work on it though and have some tricks. At work, I take notes. Socially, I will repeat something back (in a different way), so it is more likely to stick in my brain. This does not come naturally to me!

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    1. I think it’s a sign of a hyperactive mind that e we cannot absorb what others are saying easily. Yet with concentration, we can do it. Thanks Paula for sharing your feedback

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  4. It would appear so as people talk to me, even complete strangers, or they did before Covid hit.
    Several work colleagues in the past would confide in me about their troubles, knowing it wouldn’t go any further and that I would remain impartial, but be honest. Sometimes it’s listening more to what is not said, or perhaps the way things are.

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  5. I try to be a good listener. Sometimes I am successful, but not always. I have a friend who is a wonderful listener, and I have learned a lot from her. One of her lessons is to listen then ask questions. Amazing how so often what we hear is not what was said.

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    1. You’re so right Patricia, sometimes we presume what was never said or implied. It’s good to ask questions. Thanks for sharing your thoughts


    1. I’m in the same boat! Trying to correct the habit of not listening is a work in progress for me too. Thanks Geoff for sharing your thoughts


  6. Ah, an excellent question this week, Sadje. Was not, yet with practice, I have become a more active listener. Takes a lot of work and patience; and, it is not a switch. Meaning, sometimes we listen well, sometimes we don’t. Truth for me too. Listening is indeed an art, and something that has to be practiced daily.

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  7. I think I am. People tell me things. I was bad at offering advice, especially to my daughters, but I’ve stopped doing that unless they ask.
    I’ve found that people often just want to be heard and validated. Saying “That sucks!” Or asking questions is a good way to keep me from offering opinions or advice.
    I think my gift of sensing what isn’t being said helps too.

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    1. That’s really great Angie. Being a good listener is wonderful. And since you have lots of empathy, that helps too. I’m trying hard to be a good listener 😉


  8. In all honesty I am a horrible listener. I am working on this though. I find when I am talking to people I am so busy figuring out my response that I sometimes miss what they are saying or I cut them off.
    If people come to me with a problem I am great at hearing the outline of the problem and then my hat of let’s solve this for them goes on instead of just listening.

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  9. Are you a good listener?

    I noticed that I wasn’t and that I have always been the one who’s always talking… I used to blame my inability to stay attentive on my A.D.D. but having been self-aware for some time now, I try my best to listen…. and keep quiet when it’s not my turn.

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