Friday Fun- Colors

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

Colours mean different things to each of us
I love this soft pink and blue
the sky broadcasting its baby hue!

so get creative about what “colour” means to you
pics, poems, fiction, don’t limit yourself

then link it back here and check out others


What is the color of fun?

I visited Istanbul in November 2017. What a beautiful and vibrant city it is. We stayed there for six days and explored some parts of the city.

Some of my favorite pictures are;

Seagull following the boat in hope of catching the bits of food thrown to them by the passengers, during a cruise on the Bosphorus straits.

A shot from the vast gardens of Dolmabahçe palace, you can see the Bosporus straits at the back.

More flowers at the palace garden.

Dolmabahçe palace frontal view. The greenery was amazing.

Flower vendors at Taksim square. A beautiful array of colorful flowers.


Colors attract the eye

Their vibrancy pleases the heart

Their beauty captures the imagination

What is the color of fun?



37 thoughts on “Friday Fun- Colors

  1. Fun colors

    To me fun colors pop up everywhere
    The sign of spring
    A pop of yellow here and orange too
    A pop of pink and white and purple
    I love these colors but I love the season too

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