Eugi’s Weekly Prompt- Reflections

Eugenia is the host of Eugi’s Causerie

Eugi’s Weekly prompt- Reflections



Deep thoughts

Analyzing and calculating

Life’s puzzles are perplexing

Playing on the mind disturbing

Work out a solution, a way forward

Calm water reflecting peace

Project the surrounding calm

Onto the turbulent thoughts

Reflections, pacify the chaotic waves

Deep thoughts drown out the irritations

Time to go and face life once more




30 thoughts on “Eugi’s Weekly Prompt- Reflections

  1. Reflections

    Reflections I see many of them
    The one in the mirror that is me looking back
    The reflection in the water watch it sparkle and glow
    The reflection in your car mirror of the car zooming by
    If you look closely you can see reflections every where

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