A to Z Challenge- People, Qualities or Things that inspired me – M

For Letter M, my choice is Music

Music holds power to motivate us in all our mood, in all stages of our lives.

Yankee Daddy- Snow

Don Calma


As a youngster, I loved to listen to the LPs my father brought back from USA when he went there to study. Graduate was his favorite movie and we loved the sound track.

The Graduate

Sound of silence


In my teenage, it was the pop which I loved. Boney-M, B Gees, Pink Floyd etc ( It’s been so long that I have forgotten many names)

Boney M



As a young adult, I listened to all sorts of music, local Pakistani songs, Indian songs and any English songs that were popular at the time. I like one Pakistani singer Alamgir a lot.


Kabhi tum idhar sey


Now as a middle aged woman, I still listen to an eclectic collection of songs.

For brisk walk, fast beat helps me along.




The weekend

Blinding lights


For relaxation I like to listen to songs with meaningful lyrics

Alessia Cara

Scars to you beautiful


Dolly Parton

Coat of many colors


And for spiritual meditation, I like Sufi music.

Sami Yousaf

Hasbi Rabbi


Abida Parveen

Dam must qulandar





18 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge- People, Qualities or Things that inspired me – M

    1. You’re welcome! Yes it is. Abida Parveen is a very popular artist in Asia and other countries where they understand Urdu. She has a huge fan following. As for Sami Yousaf, he sings in Turkish, English, Arabic and even Urdu. I think their appeal comes from their level of devotion.

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