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Tanya is the host of Blogging Insights

We keep griping about WordPress whenever we get the chance. Today let’s try and evaluate how it has behaved in this past Year of the Pandemic. 


How satisfied (or not) are you with WordPress during the pandemic?


I agree with Tanya that blogging has been a sanity saver during the pandemic.

Admittedly, the new editor has created lots of problems for many people and I don’t think it is a popular tool amongst bloggers. But having said that, the community at WordPress is exceptional. It’s the community that has basically been the saving grace for WordPress.

Personally, I blog solely from my phone, and to date, I have been able to use the classic editor on the WP app. I don’t know if this changes, how I will fare, but I don’t plan to give up blogging because the people behind WordPress are trying to make life difficult for their customers.

When I started to blog, I was experiencing the classic signs of an empty nester. Blogging at first gave me something to do with my free time and later on, it introduced me to this marvelous community we have here.

It’s like finding a new family and a bunch of good friends. So even before the pandemic, it was helping me cope with my life of reduced responsibilities. And during the pandemic when I was stuck in Seattle without any means to come home, it was a Godsend.

As far as the technical glitches of WordPress go, I am not affected by them as I blog from the WP app which is working fine most of the time.

This is my view about blogging from WordPress in pandemic.

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25 thoughts on “Blogging Insights – WordPress

  1. I started blogging on another site, but there were always problems of one sort or another, so I gave WP a try. I have been here about 10 years with no big problems. I can’t say I like the new editor, but I am getting used to it.

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  2. Been with WordPress for quite some time and when the new editor was launched, ai felt lost so I often would use my laptop. But I also blog mainly on my phone these days and have adjusted to the new editor. I kept switching to the classic editor before but I’m now able to get the hang of the new one.
    And you’re right, the community in WordPress is just ❤️. Reason why I’ve stayed here.

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    1. Exactly right! I think most of us, who are not happy with the technical aspect of WordPress platform, are still here for the community. Thanks Mariam for sharing your thoughts

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  3. I would have to agree that word press has been incredible during this pandemic. It has given me a voice. When I started I had a mental health blog. In the new year, I changed it to a living healthy blog. Since starting up this new blog I am starting to explore the creativity that I had no idea was there.

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