A to Z Challenge- People, Qualities or Things that inspired me – I

For Letter I, I have chosen an introduction to my religion, Islam

Islam, is the most inspiring factor in my life.

Most people have heard of Islam and Muslims but unfortunately in a negative tone. I want to dispel the notion that Islam is in any way connected to terrorism.

The word “Islam” means peace.

We believe in God, and in spreading goodness through good deeds, like kindness and charity.

Living in peace and harmony with our fellow humans is our aim. Islam urges us to develop a strong connection with our creator and to have firm faith.

All through my life, I have taken strength from my faith. In hard times it has made me strong and in good times, it has made me humble.

Our holy book, Quran is the source of guidance for us. It is the word of God, revealed to our prophet, Muhammad ( peace be upon him).

It is an essential part of my daily routine to read from Quran. It helps me navigate through the path of life.

As a Muslim, I believe in all prophets and all religions. And want to exist in peaceful harmony with everyone.




34 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge- People, Qualities or Things that inspired me – I

  1. Thanks, Sadje for sharing your faith with everyone! I’ve never met any Muslims personally that were bent on world domination or destruction, as is so often spouted by people with limited compassion and understanding (in my opinion). There are fanatics in all religions and those people give a bad name to what is otherwise a peaceful group. My own religion has them, as does Christianity in general (as evidenced by historical accounts of the Crusades and the Inquisition and other horrible acts done in the name of “God”. I’m very proud to know you!

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  2. I had a wonderful teacher’s aide in my class that was Muslim. We would sit and share about our religion at lunch time. She was a sweet, kind, highly religious person. I was proud she was my friend. When her family moved to a different state, I cried. Thank you for sharing. It brought up fond memories.

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  3. Most people don’t realize that Islam, Judaism and Christianty are all founded in the same texts. They just follow the teachings of different “teachers” as their main “leader”.

    Melanie made the point I was going to make about all the atrocities done by MEN in the name of God.
    The little I learned about Islam from my friends was very beautiful and very community and family oriented.

    One memory I have, which makes me laugh is when the older kids… 12, 13 years old would stand outside waiting for the Moon during Ramadan so they could eat all the food we’d set up for the pot luck meal we were sharing.

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    1. You’re so right Angie, that most people don’t realize this reality. It’s the same religion, in different times and eras.
      I’m glass you got to know the beautiful qualities of Islam.
      Thanks 🤩

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