Reena’s Exploration Challenge – Milestones

Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge


So, here we go with our prompt word for this week

Write about what milestones mean to you, ones already achieved, and the ones you would like to reach.

Write about a journey you can’t forget.


As a family, we are always celebrating milestones. Birthdays, anniversaries, special days all are remembered and celebrated. This year, or rather 2020 was different. Many milestones had to be celebrated alone or online!

The first birthdays of both the younger grandchildren had to be celebrated with just parents present and the rest of the family joining on Zoom. That said, it didn’t lessen the joy of the family and we thought that the next year will be different, better. But here we are in the fourth month of 2021 and still socially distancing and being extra careful as the third wave of covid is more deadly than the previous two.

My eldest daughter’s Ph.D. defense was online. I, the proud mother could not attend because it was for faculty only. No matter, we thought, we will attend the degree awarding ceremony. They send her a Doctorate degree by mail all the way to Pakistan from Seattle.

No dinner out on the 35th wedding anniversary as I was stuck in the USA and my husband was in Pakistan.

But these milestones matter. They mark achievements and celebrating them in any way we can, we acknowledge the occasion and its importance.

So maybe next year will be different, maybe we will be able to throw a party for my sixtieth birthday or my grandkids third birthdays.

May be…….




37 thoughts on “Reena’s Exploration Challenge – Milestones

  1. I can relate! My husband and I couldn’t see each other for our 12 1/2-year anniversary of first meeting at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, because care facilities were closed to visitors at the time. I’m so grateful that at least has changed (thanks to the prime minister’s mother, who died in a nursing home last year). This pandemic truly sucks!


  2. Staying healthy so we CAN celebrate and share each other’s company is the best thing.
    Milestones are important, but the achievements aren’t lessened because there’s no party.
    You Daughter is still “Dr Daughter”, that’s what matters… imo anyway💕🤗🥰

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  3. Milestones

    A milestone to me is a significant point in development

    Life has brought me many milestones graduating from college, getting married. Having a baby, a carrier. The list goes on and on.
    There are still many milestones I want to achieve. Building a life of retirement with my husband, watching all of my grandchildren grow up. I

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  4. It is so sad the number of things we have had to celebrate online or postpone. We better be back to normal next year. I like to hope by Christmas we could interact but I am not getting my hopes up!

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