Writer’s Quotes Wednesday Writing Challenge- Fitness, health and wellness

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The topic of this week is Fitness, health, and wellness

I started on my journey of weight loss when I saw a friend of mine who had lost quite a bit of weight. I asked her how, and she directed me to a weight loss clinic.

It was a shabby affair but it worked like a dream because I hadn’t done this sort of thing before. I lost an amazing 80 pounds in four months.


Too much

Too soon

It was Atkins diet, no carbs, no vegetables to speak of, and no fruit at all. A very restrictive diet that meant that as soon as I stopped it, I would start gaining weight.

I gradually gained back all the weight that I had lost plus some more.

But I acquired one good thing out of my first serious effort at weight loss. The habit of walking daily.

At the same time, I was diagnosed with seronegative arthritis. It meant many episodes of swollen knee joints where I was unable to walk or even stand without pain.

To cut a long story short, I needed knee replacement surgery on both knees. I got the first one at the age of fifty and the second one three years later.

After my surgery, my doctor told me that if I wanted to avoid revision surgery before ten years, I needed to stay fit by walking two miles every day and to reduce weight.

I took this advice to heart. I started walking morning and evening. At first, I would barely be able to do 20 minutes each. But with the fear of another surgery driving me, I achieved the 30 minutes target and then exceeded it to make almost an hour in the morning and evening.

Though I still am not at my ideal weight, I feel healthy and fit. I can walk up to 7 miles a day and it is such a boost to my morale.

And my titanium knees are doing very well.

I think my post is longer than I intended, but it’s a topic that is close to my heart.




34 thoughts on “Writer’s Quotes Wednesday Writing Challenge- Fitness, health and wellness

  1. Wow, Sadje, What a wonderful thing you are doing for yourself. My mom was overweight and never lost the weight after she had me at age 25. She reached a top weight of 230 pounds and eventually had heart and kidney issues. She spent the last 8 years of her life living off of about 5% of her heart’s capacity.

    I vowed that I never would GET fat. I am officially overweight and even though I am trying not to gain any more weight, I am not doing well at losing. I set a goal to lose 7 pounds this month, and so far I have gained two, in spite of walking over 7,000 steps per day. So today, with 22 days left my goal is 9 pounds. Yikes.

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    1. I think adopting a healthy lifestyle is more important than losing weight. If I walk 13000- 15000 steps a day, I am not necessarily losing weight. But I feel healthy and better for it. And I think that matters more for me than losing weight

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      1. So you can walk that many in a day! Whew. The most I’ve ever measured in footsteps was about 23,000 one time about ten years ago when I was coordinating Mock Trial and I was literally going from courtroom to courtroom all evening checking to see how everyone was doing. 🙂

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  2. The end result and a good result of my husband’s weight loss program… (a high protein diet similar to Atkins) is that he walks regularly now .. atleast 15k a day 😃

    Lifestyle change is the key and as you have mentioned, feeling good about our own body is the most important ❤️😊

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    1. Atkins is good for rapid weight loss but it doesn’t teach us how to maintain the weight. Walking is the best exercise in my opinion. You’re absolutely right, it’s how we feel about ourselves that’s most important. Thanks Happy.

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  3. Sounds like you have found what works for you. I have gained 30 pounds since I retired almost 5 years ago. I was always a skinny Minnie, and though I don’t expect to be that thin again, I am trying to lose some of the weight. I have never walked as many miles as you. My daily goal is 8000 steps, and I usually make it with my 3-mile daily walk.

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    1. Experts say that after the age of 30, we gain one pound per year. It is normal. But inactivity can cause more gain. I find walking the best way to counter if I eat more than what I should.


  4. Healthy is the MOST important! Carrying too much weight *can* stress joints, but so can sports, right? Walking is excellent exercise and I’m happy to be back in the habit!

    And before I forget Jumma Mubarak, Sadje! Have a blessed Friday!🤗🥰💕🌻🌷🦋

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