MLMM- Photo Challenge #361

Nekneeraj is the host of Photo Challenge

Photo by fotografierende on

Use above image as inspiration for a poem or short story


Megan gasped as she opened her eyes. The camera was lying on the floor with the watercolors she had found in that strange book. But where was Jason?

That little dinky car looked just like Jason’s car, how cool she thought.

But…… she thought confusedly what had happened when she opened the book. The globe that was on the floor looked like the one that was on the table, just a lot smaller.

Then she heard a tiny voice calling her name. She bent down and picked up the car. A very tiny and frightened Jason was sitting in the front seat.

“What just happened? Why are you so big?”

She closed her eyes trying to think what to say to him.

“I’m not big, you’ve shrunk to a very small size and so has your car. The book you gave me must have some magic spell on it”.

“What are we going to do now?” Said Jason in despair.

“I might know”, said Megan thinking deeply.




26 thoughts on “MLMM- Photo Challenge #361

  1. Reminds me of the old Jefferson Airplane song, “White Rabbit”:

    One pill makes you larger
    And one pill makes you small,
    And the ones that mother gives you
    Don’t do anything at all.

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