Share Your World – April 5, 2021

Melanie is the host of SYW


Do you think psychic abilities exist? 

I don’t think that psychic abilities exist, it’s just that some people have a very keen intuitive nature and that helps them to learn in a glance what others can take days to learn.

I remember the tv show, “Mentalist” in which the protagonist seems to have psychic abilities, but he is just a very keen observer. Someone like legendary Sherlock Holmes.

How would you describe peanut butter to someone who didn’t know what it was?

Something that can be creamy or crunchy, brown, and yummy. You can spread it on bread, toast, or a cracker. Tastes good with chocolate, bananas, jam, jelly………

Why does an octopus squirt ink?

To make you blind so that it can get away! Natural defense. Or if the opponent is small, it may consume it as a meal after blinding it.

Who are two of today’s greatest entertainers in your opinion?  (can be actors, musicians, singers, etc)

Morgan Freeman

Tom Hanks.


Please feel free to share a moment of gratitude in your life! 


Both I and my husband have gotten our covid vaccination. My husband got his second shot yesterday and I will get mine on 20th April.

New April lily is blooming.

Discovered this hive on one of the flower planters today.

The weather is great. Not too hot as yet!




18 thoughts on “Share Your World – April 5, 2021

  1. Thank you Sadje for Sharing Your World! Morgan Freeman and Tom Hanks are two of my favorite actors as well, and it’s rare that I miss a movie starring either of them. Great choice! Your photos were very uplifting – Spring is here indeed and we can rejoice in nature’s beauty! What do you suppose built that hive on your planter? To me it looks rather like a wasp’s nest, which is not one of the things I like about spring! Peanut butter can be so versatile, can’t it? I know folks who like it so much they put it on pancakes or waffles at breakfast! Celery sticks with peanut butter are a great snack too! Have a wonderful day today!

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    1. Thanks Melanie!
      The question were great this week. I love peanut butter and use it also daily. The give is empty, probably there since last year and I just saw it.


    1. No, I’ve heard it for the first time. 😜
      It rained yesterday and it’s still pleasant. I hope it stays that way for a while. With Ramadan coming, we don’t want the summer to come too.

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  2. I’m eligible for the shot as of the 1st, but there are no appointments, and it’s going to get worse after the 15th when they open it to everyone. I guess I just wait🤷🏼‍♀️
    I agree with Melanie… that looks like a wasp nest. Yikes! Be careful!

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    1. Over here they have allowed private hospitals to import the Russian vaccine. We are trying for our children to get it. So for no success.
      It is an empty nest. Probably old one. Looks for cool, perfectly made.

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