Blogging Insights – Planning or Pantzing?

Tanya is the host of Blogging Insights


Do you outline your posts (planning) or do you just go ahead by the seat of your pants (pantzing) ?

I like the word, Pantzing!

I am more of a planner than an impulse writer. I plan my posts at least one day in advance. But sometimes, I run short of time, inspiration, or prompts, and then I do Pantzing!

Before I go to sleep, I make sure that all my posts for the next day are written, proof-read, and pre-scheduled. Otherwise, I get stressed out and worry that I will have to scramble to write the posts on the same day. It’s part of my self-diagnosed OCD, where I need to plan for the next day in detail. This was one of the reasons that I stopped doing the daily prompts posts, in which I used to combine 3-5 prompts from the same day and write a post. It was generating stress and sometimes I would write below par posts.

For me, planning is the key to stress-free blogging. Another factor also plays a role in making planning important for me and that are my grandmotherly duties. I don’t know when I would be asked to look after one of my grandkids, and I have to make sure that my blog is not neglected.

I wrote this post today, so I’d call this Pantzing! Lol

(Both Grammarly and autocorrect had lot of issues with Pantzing)




28 thoughts on “Blogging Insights – Planning or Pantzing?

  1. I used to work really hard to post every day, but that was just too much work. Now I just write what comes to me with very little, if any, planning. Sometimes I don’t post because I have other stuff to do, or I just don’t want to put the effort into it. This is just a fun past-time for me, nothing award-worthy, just something I like to do. What I like best about blogging is getting to know people I would otherwise never meet. That you post so often is quite amazing.

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  2. I am definitely a pantzer. I often compose my posts almost in their entirety at night when I can’t sleep. When I get up the next day, the posts practically write themselves!

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    1. That’s so good, Laurie. What ever good ideas come to me during the night, evaporate without a trace till morning. I can’t remember of that great idea I had just before sleeping.


  3. I don’t blame autocorrect and Grammarly. Pantzing is a term concocted by writers . I don’t know who was the first to use it. I first came across it in a YouTube video.

    While I was writing my own response to the question I thought of using you as a perfect example of a planner. Then I thought it best to let you say it in your own response if you wanted to.

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