One Minute Fiction – March 31st

Cranny is hosting this challenge

What’s the ”One Minute Fiction” challenge about?

Easy. Each week I’ll provide a prompt to inspire you to write a very short story. The idea is to manage to type your whole story in a minute or less. Of course, you can think about it before hitting the keyboard, and you can take all your time to edit it afterwards…

Just make sure to tag your story with #1MinFiction, and create a pingback to my week’s challenge post, so I can easily find it!

So, here is this week’s picture;



Maria hopped on her brother’s bike and rode like the wind. She could hear him yelling at her to stop but she pretended not to hear him. She knew he would be okay after scolding her for a bit.

Cathy was waiting for her. She threw her bike on the grass verge, where a few strangling daisies were growing. Both the girls sat on the picnic blanket and had a good time.

When she got home, everyone was waiting for her, anxious and perturbed. She had more than her brother to reckon with.

( It may have taken me a bit more than a minute to write this short story! 😜)




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