A to Z Challenge- People, Qualities or Things that inspired me – A

For Letter A, I have chosen Jane Austen.

Jane Austen Biography

Jane Austen was one of eight children of an English clergyman, and given her literary accomplishments, she lived a remarkably quiet and domestic life in the rural south of England. She never married and was only 41 when she died. Women authors were not widely accepted at the time, so her major novels were published anonymously, and Jane Austen was not associated with them until after her death.

Jane Austen’s novels were witty, warm, and ironic portraits of the privileged classes of 18th- and 19th-century England. Her best-known works are Sense and Sensibility(1811), Pride and Prejudice (1813), and Emma (1815).

Source; Who 2.com

My first introduction to Jane Austen was Sense and sensibility. I found this book in my father’s library. It belonged to my late mother so it had more than literary value for me. I greatly admired Austen’s grasp of human emotions and how they influenced the course of their lives. For a woman who lived a sheltered life, she had a remarkable understanding of human nature. 




40 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge- People, Qualities or Things that inspired me – A

  1. Yes woman of that time never received the acclaim they rightfully deserved. Even today with the “progress” we’ve made, that ceiling only has a fracture. Nice write up, nice to have a book in your hands that your mother held and read, a legacy. 🙂🌷

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  2. What a lovely choice! I’ve never gotten ‘in’ to Austen too much, tried a few times to read her books and I just fail to connect somehow. So reading about them through someone else’s experience is very refreshing! What a lovely post!

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    1. Thank you so much Melanie. I guess the culture and societal settings of Victorian England weren’t familiar for people in America. I grew up on British authors, so it was natural for me to be attracted to her writing.


  3. If there was an award for best A post from the A-Z challenge, I would totally vote for you. Jane Austen was also very dear to me when I was quite young, though my introduction to her was a translation of Pride and Prejudice from my local library which I quickly returned to actually buy the book in English. Though I think my favourite novel of Austen’s is Emma; there is so much life and vivacity and drama! I cannot wait to see more of the things that have inspired you! We started our A-Z with A for Archives 🙈🙉🙊:DD

    – Elena x


  4. Just getting her books published in that time was a major accomplishment. I know I haven’t read Emma, but I believe I’ve read S&S and P&P🤔
    I spent a summer reading “classics”🤷🏼‍♀️
    What a treasure to find in your father’s library! Libraries are Magical places!💫✨💕

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    1. Yes, I agree with you you all B points. The fact that her books have generated so many movies and their remakes speak for her stories as having a universal appeal.
      It was indeed a great find. I treasure this book. Thanks 🙏

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  5. I didn’t even realise her books were published anonymously. She’s one of very few women to make it onto a British bank note – I think she might have been the first.

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    1. I think that the average life expectancy was around that much in those days. Tuberculosis was very prevalent.
      I like her writing style very much, I hope you like it too.

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