What do you see # 75 – Prayer

I am changing my posting schedule for this week as I want to post my own submission at the beginning of the week.

March is woman’s history month and for the last prompt of March, I have again chosen an image of a woman.



Looking up the sky

Wishing on the new moon

She utters a prayer in her heart

She wishes for safety and shelter

She prays for strength and endurance

Closing her eyes she envisions

Her dreams coming true in all their glory

Walking away she feels that her prayers have been answered





48 thoughts on “What do you see # 75 – Prayer

  1. An inspiring and appropriate poem, Sadje. I had no idea it had been woman’s history month (shame on me). Women have mostly been ill-served by history… HIS-tory says it all. What about HER story?

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    1. Thanks Angie! It is a celebration of sort where we cook food for poor people and those around us. And pray during the night. Today, that is 15th day of Shabán, many Muslims would be fasting too.


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