Eugi’s Weekly Prompt- Swirling

Eugenia is the host of Eugi’s Causerie

Your Weekly Prompt – Swirling – March 25, 2021


Emotions swirling

Storms generating

Heart overflowing

Tears escaping


Emotions swirling

Heart overflowing

Smiles breaking

Joy exploding


Emotions seesawing

Joy and sadness vying

Heart and mind confused

A whirlwind of sentiments

Gripping the soul, squeezing

Every last drop of feelings




25 thoughts on “Eugi’s Weekly Prompt- Swirling

  1. Swirling, Swirling, Swirling
    It seems like an empty hole
    Is it a sinkhole
    Or is it a funnel of greatness
    I want to believe that it is a
    Funnel of greatness


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