Lynn’s Tuesday Picture Prompt # 41

Glen is the host of LTPP

Art(including pictures and images) should evoke an emotional response in those who are viewing them. That’s why art can leave such a long-lasting and poignant imprint within the depths of our psyche

Your challenge or writing prompt is this:

  • what emotions or feelings get evoked or aroused in you when you look at this photograph taken by Lynn

Remember, the goal isn’t necessarily to tell me and others exactly what the picture is.

The creative goal for all of us is “what does the picture evoke in you; what emotion; feeling; memory or whatever it may be – what does it arouse in you and to share it that with others.

Our Week 41 picture is a forty gallon drum full of old golf clubs. Lynn took this picture when she went on an outing to a local salvage yard with the camera club from out town.


“Honey, I cannot find my bag of golf clubs, any idea where it might be?”

Steve asked his wife. He was getting late for his weekly meet-up with his golfing buddies and couldn’t find his clubs anywhere.

Just then his phone started ringing. It was Matt, “sorry Steve, I’ll have to cancel today’s game. I seem to have misplaced my clubs”

Steve stared at his phone in a perplexed manner. He thought he should tell Jeff that he was running late when he saw that Jeff was calling him. ” I am sorry” Jeff started to say and Steve interrupted him, Don’t tell me that you cannot find your golf clubs,” he said.

“How did you know? ” Said, Jeff.

“Because both I and Matt are also facing the same problem. I think something fishy is going on! Let me check” Steve told his friend. He then went to the living room where his wife was talking to someone on the phone.

“Do you happen to know anything about missing golf clubs? “

Jane suppressed her giggle and said innocently that she had no idea where they were.

Meanwhile, the garbage collector was surprised to find so many golf clubs in the recycling bin the next day!




27 thoughts on “Lynn’s Tuesday Picture Prompt # 41

  1. The wives unite! LOL Hubby loves golf, unfortunately he can no longer play but back in the day when the kids were young I hated when he played golf because it meant another very long day alone with our little ones. After a long week I would look forward to the weekend when he would be home to help me. Needless to say I was not impressed with him spending 10+ hours on the golf course on a Saturday! There were many times I would have liked to throw his clubs in the garbage!

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  2. I value the time my hubby goes and plays golf – It’s quiet at home. Gives him time to exercise, plant golf balls and feed the Kraken… OK – Planting golf balls is when they hit their balls in the farmer’s corn field. And a while back there was a golf commercial where a huge Kraken had come out of the lake on a golf course and had picked up a golfer… the announcer’s were whispering to to each other about how the player was going to try and play the shot.

    So when he plays a course with water hazards I always ask him if he’s fed the Kraken 😀

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