5 Things – 5 Favorite French Fries

Tanya is the host of 5 Things

Today Tanya asks us to list our 5 favorite ways to enjoy French Fries

• Battered fries;

Coated in batter and fried to crunchy, I love these with the special dipping sauce they serve it with.

Masala Fries;

I like the ones which are sold by ” One potato two potato”

Cheese Fries;

What can I say, who doesn’t love this gooey mess!

Home Fries;

Thick cut and sprinkled generously with salt and pepper, yum!

Garlic Mayo Fries;

Another messy side. When I get these I don’t want to share them with anyone.

These are my favorite ways to have Fries. What are yours?




60 thoughts on “5 Things – 5 Favorite French Fries

  1. My favorite fries come from a local restaurant that has taken fries (and tots, waffle cut, sweet potato fries) to a new level.

    They do Pizza Fries, BBQ pulled pork, Buffalo chicken, pastrami, chili cheese, garlic aioli and feta… lots of nom nom

    I also like Carne asada fries from the taco shop.

    I’m hungry now…

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  2. Two that I have tried that I liked truffle fries and salt and vinegar fries. Otherwise sweet potato fries, regular fries (the best in town are from B-Bops) and chili cheese fries for a meal. Now I am hungry! 😂

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