Sunday Writing Prompt – Lost – March 21st

Michael is the host of Sunday Writing Prompt this week

This week write a story/response to the notion of being lost. Try and make it from the perspective of the lost person


It was my first time in Seattle. I was looking for a specialized grocery store. And incidentally, I was also new to using Google maps.

I took a bus and opened my app as I got off the bus.

Go west, it said.

And I was lost from that instant.

I knew right and left, but East and west, north or south are beyond me.

Anyway, I opened the map and started walking, towards what I thought was west. My location dot was moving away from the direction I was supposed to go. Like a confused person, I kept checking my direction. I am sure anyone looking at my antics must have thought me eccentric. It took me a lot of time to learn how to read the map properly. But any directions which told me to go east, or west, north or south, always used to confuse me. I used to note nearby landmarks and would use that as my guide.

Is anyone out there good at following the directions of Google maps?

Sadly I am not. If I don’t know a place already, there are bright chances of my getting lost!




17 thoughts on “Sunday Writing Prompt – Lost – March 21st

  1. I so relate to this Sadje. You say you are good with right and left… here I dont know why, I get confused many times and say the reverse. I get so tensed when I have to tell directions while hubby is driving the car 😃

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  2. Luckily, one of my gifts is a fantastic sense of direction. East, west, north south… left or right… I’ve rarely gotten lost, and then, not for long.

    I also worked 15 years in the Emergency Road Service department of Auto Club Of Southern California, so using a Thomas Brothers map, or ANY map was a learned skill.

    I don’t use GPS. I will use Google maps to find a place, look at their directions, then write out my own instructions.

    I’m thankful for the inate ability and the learned skill.😍💕🌻

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    1. That is lucky indeed. I was brought up on directions given in right or left. I never have learned how to calculate compass directions, hence the confusion. In my own city, I know most places and the ones I don’t, I use google maps.

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  3. I’ve had this happen to me many times in a new city. It reminds me of the humbleness one feels witnessing someone struggling with something we have also struggled with. Connection. Lovely post, Sadje.

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  4. Ever since I was a little girl the word lost has taken on many meanings. Growing up getting lost is something I worked hard at. Getting lost meant to me being invisible, hiding so that people don’t see me. Today the word lost means like I don’t feel present I am lost in whatever I am doing. If I am lost in something positive I don’t mind. If it is something negative then I will shut down everything so I can focus and bring myself back.


  5. As long as I have time to really study a map I am ok. I will look things up two or three times when I am going to be going to an unfamiliar area. In my own little part of the world I am pretty good with North, South, East and West, but in a strange town forget it.

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