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Have you written (or do you still write) for print media? How do you find that different from blogging or writing for electronic media? Which do you enjoy more, and why?

The only thing I’ve ever written that was printed was in my school magazine. After that, I haven’t written anything that was printed, ever.

Now as I have answered the question, I should end my post here.

But I find the difference between print and electronic media, interesting. Blogging, though is mostly based on our personal thoughts and ideas, is read by a limited audience, those who follow our blogs. While printed matter can be read by anyone. That means that the language and the nuance should be carefully selected to convey the meaning in a precise manner.

I do enjoy my blogging experience a lot and I feel that writing for a wider audience will be more challenging. It would also involve a certain measure of censorship, which is an off-putting idea.

So if I am given a choice between the two media, I would choose to blog.




46 thoughts on “Blogging Insights – Electronic media vs print media

  1. I’ve never written anything for print, so I couldn’t compare them.
    I agree that writing for print, depending on the reason for the writing, the subject matter, and the intended audience, one would have to choose their words to convey the intended message, or information.

    Well written, Sadje!🌠💕🤩

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  2. I used to write media releases and media articles for the Government. Used what is called a Style Guide and other formal ways to write. Now I just blather on my blog. sometimes I don’t use punctuation or the totally right word but always use correct grammar and spelling although some typos may sneak through 🙂

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      1. Yes l saw that. It is because she is one of the guest stars this morning that l noticed it. I even sent her an email long before this post arrived on the scene. I am losing a lot of sleep of late and am now up way earlier than l should be, so l am seeing things very quickly now hahaha.

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          1. Yes, l had an email conversation with her a week ago, she she was writing them of the James Bond A – Z and new plans.

            It seems we are all at it. I am mostly finished with the overhaul with the Guy blog, the new banners are being created and will be inserted this week. A few admin tweaks is all that is left and then l start on the new blog’s creation.

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                    1. Haha, there’s the truth.

                      However, l think there is more truth to that statement than you might think. The new WP editor is l feel quite unstable.

                      Paula, in her response email this morning was saying she had to with great reluctance start using the block editor because the classic editor was no longer able to perform for her properly.

                      I don’t mind the WP block editor, but l know that is is unstable and it worries me immensely at times,.

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                    2. oh dear. I don’t think the editor is a reason for people to delete their blogs, l have battled with decisions on my blog …s in recent months as you know and the editor is a real pain in the bum, l am the first to agree to that statement.

                      Admittedly l don’t have a mobile phone and therefore no app and only use a desktop, but the editors is as painful there at times.

                      I think it’s more of a case of getting used to it as best you can and learning to work with the editor itself.

                      My blogging woes were more to do with how do i introduce a ‘business element’ into the Guy blog properly? The answer was that l simply couldn’t, as l needed to run an affiliate site and that just wouldn’t be able to be introduced nicely into the blog itself. The answer was l would have to open up a second blog which was what l was trying to avoid.

                      The editor is very annoying at times and more so as they keep introducing new tweaks that don’t seem to be fixing anything anyway.

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                    3. I think you’re right and people who want to blog on WP will have to get used to the new editor! Sigh!!!
                      It’s a better idea to start a separate blog for business side.

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                    4. Sadly that is what must be done. I have read Fandango’s post and commented and l can relate to the disheartening aspect of it all .. for me something that was driving me insane was the actual Reader and l had contemplated leaving WP because of it . But l told myself to grow up and get on with it. Which l have, the Block Editor is something that is driving people insane and l do understand how they feel … but feel it would be a shame to leave a healthy community over that.

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  3. you make good points Sadje…. Miriam from ‘out and about’ gets very well paid for her printed articles in 4WD magazines. So if it pays well in a niche market then it’s viable.

    Our womens magazines used to pay for articles to print … now so many are keen to get printed that they no longer need to pay!

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