Sunday Poser # 20

Week # 20 already!

Thanks for showing your interest and supporting this weekly prompt.

My poser this week is;

Have you realized your dreams?

It’s a profound sort of question.

Growing up I wanted to be a surgeon. I wanted to help and heal people. But fate intervened and I left med school one year short of my degree.

In a way, I did realize my dream when I used my knowledge to help people around me. I don’t hold a medical degree but I have enough knowledge to guide my family and friends on what to do when they aren’t feeling well. I often get calls from my friends asking my advice about common illnesses.

I later realized that whatever I do in life, the only thing that gives me joy was being at peace with myself. And helping people makes me happy.

What about you?

Have you achieved what you wanted, growing up?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section.



55 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 20

  1. Still chasing my biggest dream to be a successful writer. I think I’m a life-long dreamer. With each dream of mine, including having children, I’ve been relentless and unwilling to let go despite lots of obstacles.

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    1. I hope you do realize your dreams. But one should always give oneself the flexibility of choosing another goal if one seems out of reach. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

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  2. I feel like dreams are elusive but goals are achievable. And I think it’s precisely because dreams are harder to attain that many of them stay dreams. Partly because of life interjecting and changing our course but also because we cherish our comfort zones. Whatever the reason, I like the fact that you mentioned that being content is a big part of a good life. 🙂

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  3. What a fun question, Sadje. I would say that I have been, am currently, and will be in the future, continuing to live out my dreams. Each day, every day. I had a profound realization about three years ago that everything I have, do, and will ever need is already within me, which is why I know that each moment, and inside of each action, are my dreams. Beautiful. That was fun, my friend. Have a lovely week, Sadje. I am already wondering about tomorrow’s WDYS. 😊❤🙏

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  4. Some goals didn’t pan out due to life getting in the way. I wanted to join the Marines but found I have high frequency deafness – Marines said go home. I did and joined the fire department instead. Very rewarding detour.

    I had other goals that got bypassed but the alternates (in spite of their new stress) turned out well. I can’t complain about my 53 year career. I got to travel places I never imagined and work on some projects most people would drool over…or be totally afraid to tackle.

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    1. Life turns our paths in different direction, but that is for the best usually. You’ve had a long and rewarding career! Thanks for sharing your thoughts Larry.


  5. This is a huge question have I realized my dreams. Have I accomplished what I wanted when I was younger?
    I would have to say yes I have accomplished what I wanted when I was younger. Growing up I had a huge heart for helping others just as I do now. With my father’s encouragement, I am the only one in my family that finished higher education. Once done I started a career in the social service field helping others. When I left that career I have put my time into volunteering in as many places as possible. Today I continue to fill that dream of helping others as will I enjoy other hobbies like cooking and drawing

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    1. I think it’s wonderful that you are and have been helping people all through your life. What other way to feel satisfied with how you’ve spend your life. Thanks Lisa for sharing your thoughts.


  6. The only dream I really remember having was when I was younger, I wanted to be a counselor or therapist. I wanted to help people.
    In that, though I didn’t go to college, and it wasn’t my career, I HAVE helped people and continue to do so.

    My future dream to “run away from home and be a vagabond” … I guess we’ll have to see🤷🏼‍♀️ I think that even if I don’t do it on the scale I’d like to, I’ll still do it in some way.

    I am a “dreamer” by nature, but they are dreams of peace, end to hunger, clean up nature… BIG dreams!😉 With those, I can do my small part, but not the whole thing.

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    1. You’re a big help to your own family and the people around you. Helping others in whatever way we can is what counts.
      I feel that you’ll realize the dream of escaping too. In one form or the other. We all should have those big dreams and should try to do our share towards fulfilling them. Thanks Angie for sharing your dreams.

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  7. While I was young during my school days, I used to dream of a better life In a beautiful house. My dream is fulfilled, I love my house, a 3 bedroom flat in a beautiful community. Great husband, lovely children ‘cannot ask for more’ . Dreams take you towards achieving them, so dream big 👍

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  8. Did I realise my dreams? I’m not sure I really had any except to leave home. I couldn’t really think beyond that. Girls of my generation had few opportunities open to them. Then I met a wonderful man who had his 3 children living with him. I married him, we had two children of our own and I realise that was my dream – a home and a family. We married in 1976, I was 21 and he was 42. We have been married 45 years on Saturday.

    I did have another dream – to live in a cottage by the sea and write. When I had the time and the means for that one, I no longer had my health. I developed MS in my late 40’s. My husband is still taking care of me even though he is 87. He has been a dream!


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    1. Thanks Belles for sharing your dream with me. A happy home and family is a wonderful dream. I’m glad you fulfilled your dream. I hope you can still share your thoughts through your writing! Thanks 🙏


  9. I wanted to be a doctor. That was way too expensive back then for us and I chose engineering.
    My dream of being able to be a full time mother is also checked 😊
    In relationships, I’m blessed ❤️😊found the man of my dreams who loves me unconditionally 😊
    Now it’s just time to move on whilst accepting the current state I am in … new hopes new dreams .
    Loved the write up dear Sadje

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    1. Thanks Happy for sharing your dreams with me. In my days becoming a doctor wasn’t expensive at all. Even staying in hostel was affordable. But I couldn’t continue after my marriage and first baby.
      Having dreams fulfilled is a blessing. I hope your new goals are equally exciting and achievable ❤️

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  10. In part, yes. I have a beautiful daughter. I realized my dream of having one of my poems set to music to create a song thanks to a friend. And although I don’t have a book of my poems and photos yet, I get to post them here to at least a small audience. I still have a couple of things up my sleeves, but right now I’m good.

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