Share Your World – March 15, 2021

Melanie is the host of SYW


How well do you know your next-door neighbors?   Do you like them?   (credit to Cyrannyfor the question)

I know our neighbors on both sides, but the ones on our right are more friendly so I interacted with them more. They are really decent people and are very caring. The one on the other side are not here most of the time as their children are studying in America and they spend most of their time in the USA. Besides they aren’t that friendly either.

Do you have a full length mirror?  (credit to Sadje for the rest of the questions)

I have a couple of full length mirrors which came with the house. I try not to see myself in them as there is no use of making myself sad and depressed. I only take a peek if I want to see how my clothes are looking, for example a sari needs to be draped properly.

(for the men)  Do you shave every day or do you like the ‘stubble’ look, or a beard?

I don’t like my husband‘s stubble look. Not a well groomed look!

(for the ladies)   How long do you spend putting on make-up in the morning?

I sometimes bother with an eyeliner and rarely put on lipstick. On most days, it’s just skin care regimen which takes 5 minutes.

How many items of clothing are in your bedroom (or closet) and not hung up?

Most are hanged after I iron them. Only my night clothes are folded without ironing.


Do you have a happy place?


I have a happy place in my mind. I feel relaxed when I am on top of my daily routine. I can relax then and enjoy my walk and my music.

( PS; the above question for which Melanie had very generously credited me, were originally posed by Cheryl of the Bag lady )




29 thoughts on “Share Your World – March 15, 2021

  1. I quit wearing makeup years and years ago! I only wore it when I worked. I looked “incomplete” in my eyes , to be dressed in full “office” attire, with my hair done and no makeup.
    In high school, in the 80s, I wouldn’t dream of appearing outside my bedroom without makeup😉😂😂😂

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  2. I am a big fan of clothes not being wrinkled. Though I’m not the biggest fan of the ironing process, it is something I’ve always done. And, actually, I’m quite better at it today. 😊 Thanks for sharing, Sadje.

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  3. I love your answers! I haven’t ironed in years and make it point to buy clothes that don’t need ironing. I don’t like wrinkled clothes either and when I pull them out of the dryer, I hang them up.

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  4. Thank you Sadje for Sharing Your World! I have read in some other of your posts sometimes that you worry about your weight. That’s not a bad thing, but you also are doing a lot to help with it – like adding walks to your daily schedule and watching what you eat. Remember that you are beautiful however your body looks because you’re beautiful INSIDE where it’s truly important. Just my two cents. Your responses were wonderful, as always and you are very kind to honor Cheryl (whose blog I don’t follow) with the credit for the questions. I got them from you, so you can see the confusion perhaps? Great questions, as recognized by several other responders too. Have a great week!

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    1. Thank you so much Melanie. You’re kind as always and generous too. Yes, I do try to bring down my weight but not for cosmetic reasons. I’m way past that age. I just need to remain healthy so I don’t become dependent upon anyone. Thanks for the credit. ❤️💝


  5. We don’t know many in the neighborhood. To the west the house is empty, to the east we know people in half of the duplex and a neighbor across the street has chatted a few times. Otherwise everyone is pretty quiet on our street.

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