Sunday Writing Prompt – When a Crowd Gathers – March 14th

Michael is the host of Sunday Writing Prompt this week

This week write a story in which there is cause for a crowd to gather.


A large crowd gathered at the vaccination center. They weren’t supposed to be there as it wasn’t their turn to get the vaccines but a rumor had been circulating that if you show up at the center, you will be given a jab.

The administrator walked out, in full protective gear and shouted out to the crowd, ” Please go home. When it’s your turn, you will be informed via a message or an email. Rest assured that everyone will be vaccinated. Just give us time to do it methodically. Gathering in large numbers is only going to spread the disease faster. Please go home now”

People started to disperse quietly, and the administrator heaved a sigh of relief. There was no way they could provide vaccines to all these people. He prayed that the promised supply would arrive soon.




24 thoughts on “Sunday Writing Prompt – When a Crowd Gathers – March 14th

  1. I think everybody there should have gotten a jab. I don’t like how they are keeping people in limbo. So many who were eligible at first declined it which left many doses unused and/or spoiled. Every spoiled dose could have protected someone.

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  2. I’m very patient for the vaccine. I’m not worried about getting it soon. I haven’t worried about catching the kootie either. I stay as safe as possible.

    I *would* like to go to outdoor concerts again soon though 🎶💃🏼

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  3. Rumors are never a good thing. Here ‘shots’ are by appointment only. And further divided into categories. I’m on two lists… there is a hope that many will be vaccinated soon. But there are still some who are refusing to get vaccinated.
    People must realize that what ever shot they get – it is only to help you recover quicker than you would if you hadn’t had it. So those who don’t get vaccinated can still be carriers. We still need to take precautions. Considering the variants that are appearing. I just read that a third variant popped up in Italy. People need to be patient. The Spanish Flu took a full three years to resolve. And we are only (depending on your area) into year one with Covid.

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