Thursday Photo Prompt- Beyond the door # WritePhoto

KL Caley is our new host of WritePhoto

Beyond the Door – Image by Sue Vincent


Casey had a lot of imagination. And when she would pass by this strange looking door in the stone wall, she would weave a new story in her mind about it.

The wall surrounded an old building on the way to her school. And her stories ranged from fantastic fairytales to improbable sci-fi adventures. She always watched it closely but it was always shut. No one entered or left through this door.

She grew older and left her hometown to attend college in a bigger city. She had almost forgotten about the door but when she came home on vacation one summer she passed the wall and saw the door wide open.

Too tempted to resist, she slowly walked to it and peeked in. What she saw there was beyond anything she could have ever imagined.

She was glad that she had a chance to look in.




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