Tale Weaver – #318 – Bookworm – 11March

Michael is the host of Tale Weaver

This week write about your interpretation of ‘Bookworm’.

Choose your own form.


We all are bookworms, at least the girls/ women of my family. It has come down through genetics. My grandfather was a huge lover of books. He would read continuously. And had a massive library. I idolized him as he was the best sort of a grandfather any girl could have.

After him, my father was another bookworm. He would always have a stack of books on his nightstand and would often read late into the night. I was the most bookish among my siblings, though my younger brother also was fond of reading too.

My husband bought a lot of books but very rarely would he finish a book that he started reading. My son’s interest in reading was somewhat in the middle range. While I and my two daughters are avid readers. We have between the three of us, bought and read thousands of books.

The good thing is that we share similar interests in reading and exchange our books. The youngest bookworm is my 11 years old grandson. He goes through books at a very high rate. And it costs his mother a lot of money to keep him supplied with new books!




14 thoughts on “Tale Weaver – #318 – Bookworm – 11March

  1. I used to read a lot, but now instead of books I read blogs. Your grandson is about the right age for one of my daughters favorites about that age – the Pendragon series. It is about a boy who time travels to other worlds and has an affect on their future. Happy reading Sadje! 📖📚

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  2. Bookworm, that defines my husband he loves to read. Me I definitely am not a bookworm. I find it really hard to read because I can’t remember what I read before so I usually have to reread it.

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