WQWWC # 15 – Family

Marsha is the host of Writer’s Quotes Wednesday’s Writer’s Challenge

What do you do when you don’t have a family? You make family.

Now it’s your turn. Find a favorite song or quote and tell me about your family.

Alex Haley

“In every conceivable manner, the family is a link to our past, bridge to our future”

Family can be vexing, irritating, and inconvenient at times. But no one can deny this simple fact; we are linked to our family with unbreakable bonds.

From my parents side, my family consists of my three brothers and myself. Both my parents have passed away. Then I and my husband have three children. All my children have kids of their own. So it’s a growing clan.

The relationship with my brothers is on a need basis. If they need something, advice or some favor, they’ll call me. It’s especially true for my eldest brother who is settled in England and is a doctor. The other two are more caring but our contact is still seldom.

I am very lucky that now, all of my children are settled in the same city as ours and we get to meet often. I also get to meet my grandchildren on almost a daily basis. This is a wonderful place to be in.

I feel that whatever my relationship is with my grown children, the one I have with my grandchildren is amazing. It’s only love on both sides. It is like seeing a miracle daily.

So I see my family as a link to my past through my brothers, and my aunts and uncles. And a bridge to the future through my grandchildren. The bond are deep, full of love, and understanding. Sometimes we fight, argue or get upset with each other but still we are family.





24 thoughts on “WQWWC # 15 – Family

  1. I love how you opened this up with the truth that family can indeed be irritating..😄😄😄but at the end of the day we are family and we are in many ways part of each others lives..

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  2. Sadje, this is a such lovely essay about your family. It sounds like everyone is self-sufficient, but interdependent at the same time. What a perfect place to be in life. I am sorry that your parents have passed, but it sounds like they left a fabulous legacy. They taught you how to live and love and care about each other. Thank you for joining in #WQWWC this week. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

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      1. From all I have read of yours over the last few months, Sadje, I think you are not only blessed, but that you have created a wonderful community for each other. That takes some work to overlook insults and opposing opinions, but you have plowed through all of that. What a wonderful legacy you and your family members have left for your children and grandchildren. 🙂 Thanks again for participating.

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