Share Your World March 8, 2021

Melanie is the host of SYW


If you could throw any kind of party, what would it be for?  (Covid considerations are suspended for this question)

I would invite my immediate family and close friends for an open air barbecue party. Though Melanie has kindly waived off covid restrictions, I think we should be prepared for them for at least this year and the next. Actually, I’d like to have this party for my sixtieth birthday!( it is in November this year! )

Is a picture worth a thousand words? Elaborate.

A picture can show what sometimes the words cannot express fully. Besides, an image can be different things to different people!

Where IS Waldo?   (Waldo, for those unfamiliar with him, is a cartoon character featured in many ”find Waldo” images and puzzles)    No this isn't an April Fool's prank, it's actually Where's Waldo Week on Google Maps | This is the Loop | Golf Digest

  <——  WALDO

I think he was in Washington the last I’ve heard. But he keeps on traveling and could be anywhere now. Even in blogosphere!

What’s the best part of waking up?

Being alive. If I wake up in the morning, I am alive. Now I can get my cup of real coffee and get down to the daily routine.

Would you rather be covered in fur or covered in scales?

Neither, thank you very much! I already am quite big and don’t want to add more to my volume.

GRATITUDE SECTION (Always optional) 

Feel free to share your gratitude for our world!


I am grateful that it rained last night and delayed the advancing summer. The weather is lovely these days, flowers are blooming and walking outside is a treat!




29 thoughts on “Share Your World March 8, 2021

  1. My last “big party” — for me, anyway — WAS my 60th — and that was 14 years ago. It’s hard to get a lot of people together anymore. We have really spread out and live all over this country and other parts of the world. I think we’d HAVE to do it zoom because i think it’ll be a long time before anyone wants to do any flying!

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    1. Yes, zoom seems a safe option. I’ve lived in Lahore most of my life and have great friends here. My children are all here too now! So if I throw a party, I would have everyone I want available.


  2. Thank you Sadje for Sharing Your World! What beautiful flowers! I’m sure the walks are very enjoyable with that kind of scenery to view! It’s true (to me anyway) that Covid will continue to be a factor for anyone who has safety in mind, and to me, that will last for a long time to come. Over here there is talk about our State Governor repealing the mask ‘law’ and making it void. That troubles me greatly! The ones who will gladly throw out their masks are the ones who are (in my opinion) too stupid to take other precautions and aren’t eligible for the vaccine or won’t get it. So is it safe? Nope. But the world is relaxing all the same. I guess one has to do what is best for their own peace of mind, hmm? The little child and the cat image was wonderful! You find the choicest images to share! Thanks!

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    1. Thank you Melanie for these questions. Indeed, it’s spring in its full form here though it’s going be summer in a few weeks. We all should be mindful of covid as it’s not going anywhere, anytime soon. People who are talking of banning the mask are missing something in their upper story! Stay safe my friend.
      The image was a lucky find! 😻😍


  3. Here are my answers to the questions:
    1. I would have to say I would throw a party for all of my friends and family to celebrate their birthdays that have been missed.

    2. To me this picture screams peeking through the covid wall

    3.Where is waldo. I am not that familiar with waldo but if I was him I would be in a beach in the Caribbean

    4. For me the best part of waking up is seeing my fur babies

    5. I would rather be covered in fur.

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