Thursday Inspo – # 98 – Secret

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Horse secret

Welcome to Thursday Inspiration!

This week’s theme is secret and the image is above. Here’s a snippet of song from the Beatles’ “Do You Want to Know a Secret?”

Listen, do you want to know a secret?
Do you promise not to tell?
Whoa-oh-oh, closer
Let me whisper in your ear
Say the words you long to hear
I’m in love with you, ooh


Tell someone a secret

It’s not a secret anymore

It spreads like wildfire

And before you know it

It comes back to you

Wearing new garb

Dressed in fancy clothes




20 thoughts on “Thursday Inspo – # 98 – Secret

  1. For me sharing a secret takes on many forms. In one way speaking it out loud to someone makes it real. Before it was just in my head so it wasn’t true yet. For me talking to someone about a secret there has to be a special relationship of trust and that I won’t be judged.

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  2. There are different kinds of secrets, aren’t there? Light secrets like the song lyrics, and dark, painful secrets.

    You’re spot on with your poem. Too often trust is misplaced, and things become exaggerated in the retelling. Well done!!💕

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  3. This reminds me of the game telephone where you whisper to someone a statement and it gets whispered to the next person and so on until the last person says it out loud… it is usually altered from the original whisper. Secrets told can come back to you changed. Well done!

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