12 Bloggerz- March edition

Rory is the host of 12 Bloggerz

Okay … well you have come First in a Travel Competition you took part in and your prize is 1 Week Holiday in Medieval France [not pretend, virtual or fantasy but real time as in travel back through time]. I know, how lucky!

What five items ONLY will you take with you on your week away in Medieval France?


Hmmm….. When in medieval France?

I think it was a very turbulent time and I should go equipped with;

Full armor

A very big and strong sword

A map

A dictionary of French

My mobile phone with GPS activated.

What is the messiest meal you have ever eaten and why was it so?


A bar of chocolate that had melted due to heat, in its wrapper. As I love chocolate and can’t throw it away, I squeezed out the melted goop and ate it. It got all over my hands and face!

There is a Flesh Eating Zombie apocalypse raging across the lands – which 5 Bloggers would you sign up to your cause to help you fight your way to victory and why them, what will they bring to the fight?


-You, Rory;

because you know all about Zombies

– Kristian;

Because he writes very good horror stories

– Melanie;

For her knowledge of zombies as she has read all of Stephen King books


I think he can be a good strategist

– Dr. Tanya;

She can treat anyone injured during the fight.

If you had to trade places with a celebrity for a day who would you pick and why?


Oprah Winfrey!

Need you ask why?

Can you list five really funny comedians [any period of time]?


I can, but will I?

Charlie Chaplain

Eddy Murphy

Robin Williams

Rowan Atkinson

Peter Seller

John Cleese

In a world of continued disposability what six items do you consider basic staples for each wardrobe irrelevant to the year? [as in these pieces never age]







Property aside, what is the most expensive thing you have ever bought for yourself?


A car!

I didn’t buy it, my husband did.

When you are feeling down, what can you do or eat, drink … whichever to boost your mood?


Dark chocolate!


Dark chocolate fudge brownie

Something with lots of carbs, like naan or samosas

When are you at your happiest and what are you doing to make that happen for you?


I am happiest when I am at peace with my family and the world around me. I need to keep reminding myself of all the things and people that I am blessed with.

Do you believe ‘you are what you wear’ as in clothing defines your personality?’


Not really, but a well-dressed person makes a better first impression upon others. I can be totally oblivious to how I appear to my friends and family, but when I am confronting strangers, I do try to dress up well.

What’s the best advice you can give anyone in your opinion?


I have stopped giving advice unless asked for it. If someone asks, I will tell them;

Always be mindful and grateful for all that you have. One never knows when we could lose any of these.

Despite your good intentions – it is a universal fact that not everyone you meet and or know will like you – are you okay with that or does it bother you to the point you want to know why?


It used to bother me a lot, but now I don’t care. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. As I am too!





17 thoughts on “12 Bloggerz- March edition

  1. Getting a little cheeky with your answer to #5🤣🤣🤣

    She’s not a blogger, but I’d want Daughter with me. She’s knows everything there is to know about the Zombie Apocalypse. She even plays some online game about fighting zombies😂😂😂

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  2. 1. Midevil France here I come.
    five things would I take. My phone with GPS ( I get lost real easy), money, clothes, protection of some sort, walking shoes.
    2. For me, almost all meals are messy as I can’t help but make a mess. However, I would have to say my birthday cake this year. My 2 1/2-year-old granddaughter decided to eat it with our hands.
    3. For me, I really don’t know many bloggers so I would choose these two and for the same reason, I really like what their blogging sites represent This one keep it alive as well as ashleyleia.
    4. Because he is my favorite singer I would say, Rod Stewart
    5. Comedians I would have to say, Robin Williams, Mr. Bean, Eddie murphy
    6.Underwear, bra, socks, tank tops, shorts
    7. a car
    8. I enjoy eating sweets but it gets too risky for my health so I would have to say talking
    9. Spending time hanging out with my family whether it be watching t.v. or playing games
    10. Dressing up nice does make me feel special and post my mood.
    11.Live one day at a time
    12. It used to be my belief that I had to be loved by everyone and I was a huge people pleaser. I now realize that everyone my not want be my best friend but we can be friendly when needed.

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