Friday Fun – streaks

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

streaks come in many forms … clouds, hair, naked run,
so cut loose and have some fun
keep it family friendly but streak away …

photography, poetry, creative writing
post your streak and link back here!


I was on a losing streak and was so happy about it

Lost one-fifth of my body weight in one year

That was a dream come true for me and I was jubilant

Then a huge craving for carbs sunk my victory boat

The urge to eat potatoes and pasta, rolls and cookies

Derailed the whole process and fate added another stroke

I had a surgical procedure and felt I could only eat rice and dhal

Now I am restored to full health and did cautiously approach

The weighing scale full of fear and trepidation

The results were as expected, I had found half the weight I’d lost

Now it’s back to the dieting, with a renewed resolve

To find that losing streak that was working so well!




31 thoughts on “Friday Fun – streaks

  1. Now, this topic made me really stop and think. A streak. The streak that I feel I am on right now is of ill health. I am trying so hard to do everything I can to move forward here. I meet with the specialist over the phone on Tuesday. I am really hoping for a treatment plan as I am having a lot of difficulty rifgt now. Here;s to the start of a new streak.

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  2. I would love to join you on this losing streak! If you were able to do it before, you will be able to do it again. “Slow and steady so it sticks” is my “losing streak” motto!

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