Random Friday Question Fun

Rory is back with a few Questions

Topical Tropical Trinity!

Season 2

Random Friday Question Fun

What prompts you to write about your favourite genres?

I like writing about life. Anything can get the creative ideas going. I love both photo and idea prompts. I do miss doing the daily prompts and the challenge they posed, weaving 5-6 words into one cohesive idea!

How do you personally define ‘fear and do you think we should all live with an element of fear in our lives?

Fear is one of nature’s defense mechanisms. One should never disregard it. We are naturally afraid of things that can harm us. It includes objects and situations too. Fear makes us tread carefully in life. We should pay due heed to it but not let it cripple our way of life.

How long do you spend weekly with your hobby’s?

As blogging is my hobby, I spend around 25- 30 hours a week on it. A few hours I spend on reading, but way less than what I should.

Have you, were you, do you desire to be a hippie?


I was too young when this trend was all the rage. Living in Pakistani society, I didn’t encounter many hippies and so there was not much inclination to turn hippie!

I’m more of a conventional person, and my rebellious streak is just apparent when I express my opinions.




14 thoughts on “Random Friday Question Fun

  1. I have always wanted to visit Pakistan..never India for some reason. I take that back, after the Best exotic marigold hotel was released I wanted to live with dev patel there…lol

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  2. I love answering odd questions as it gives me a chance to learn about others and they can learn about me. Writing about things using my creative juices is new to me but I am enjoying it. For me living life with an element of fear is a good thing. To be fear is like an obstacle that you learn to work with in order to overcome. I don’t really have hobbies right now that I enjoy doing other than blogging. I have a friend that has such a hippie spirit in her she can really pull it off. Me now I don’t think I can pull it off.

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