Saturday Symphony # 23 – Addiction

Jude is the host of Saturday Symphony


We have all been addicted to something,

In some shape or form,
The synonyms for addiction range from dependency, to craving, to habit, to infatuation and compulsion.

This month of March, share a story about addiction at its worst,

And then counter it with a tale of a passion that has saved you or someone you know.


Addiction to something doesn’t bode well for your welfare

Be it love or fame, praise or perfection

Moderation is the key to regulate behavior

When you are looking for validation from outside

It takes a lot from you emotionally and causes agony

Dependency upon something not in your control

Can destroy the peace of mind and leave you asunder

Not all addictions destroy, some can save too

Addiction to routine, to regulated physical exertion

An attachment to looking after yourself with passion

All are enviable traits that save us from deterioration

Self-love can be a savior so cultivate it in yourself

Both physical and emotional well-being ensured

There are always two side of a coin, positive and negative




21 thoughts on “Saturday Symphony # 23 – Addiction

  1. Balance is a difficult lesson. Especially when as a child we crave attention and praise and get back negative reinforcements. But with a positive routine in place and less dependence on what others think we can grow beyond our measure and then be able to help others.

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  2. Addiction is a subject that hits home for me. For many years I was addicted to opiates. I am one of the truly blessed I found recovery 3 years ago. I am also truly fortunate that my husband and family have remained together.
    At the time during my addiction, I was very self-centered and destructive. There are many positives that have come with recovery. One of them is that I found NA. NA has given me so much direction. I am now extremely involved in service with NA so we can be there for others.

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  3. Wow Sadje, this is so beautifully balanced. It’s amazing to read your insights.
    This is so profound.

    Thank you for submitting to the symphony.
    I’m eager to feature this in the April edition tomorrow.

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