Friday Fun – Ambiance

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

ambiance or atmosphere can cover many things
it challenges our creativity to set the mood

get creative and share your version of ambiance
with your photos or creative writing


I feel that the ambiance plays a key role in creativity. If there are a lot of people around me or lots of noise, I feel unable to think or write anything worthwhile. I can write anywhere but I need peace to do so.

But my thinking of fresh ideas happens in an different ambiance. I get fresh ideas while walking, reading, or even watching something on the television. Sometimes just before going to bed a very good idea will pop up in my brain. If I don’t write it down, it will evaporate by the time I get up.

I think every person who is creative or expresses themselves in some way needs their own particular ambiance for doing so. The most important thing is for others to realize this and give appropriate space to them for doing so.


Give me some space and stop asking questions

Be quiet for a while so that I can hear myself think

Please turn off this incessant news babble

Not that I’m writing a masterpiece but still I need

A bit of quiet where I can expound on my ideas

Thank you for understanding!




19 thoughts on “Friday Fun – Ambiance

  1. an excellent point and I am quite the opposite. my ambience is to have other noise around me, music, television, people talking, etc. I can’t explain why but it works for me. )

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  2. There is almost always some noise. I think my preferred writing happens with just some soft music in the background. But ideas strike any where and every where… always keep paper handy!

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