Stream Of Consciousnesses Saturday- Sty

Linda is the host of Stream Of Consciousnesses Saturday

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “-sty.” Find a word that ends in “-sty” or use the word “sty.” Enjoy!


Misty eyed, she looked at the dusty shelves of old musty books. How long it had been she thought? How long since she last visited her parents’ home, said hello to them, or even thought about them.

Now she was here because they no longer were. That anger and estrangement were so long ago that she found it hard to remember why, but it had created a breach in her relationship with her parents and now it was too late to do anything about it.

She picked up a rose-colored bowl from the table and cleaned it with her hand. It was a fragile piece. But it had lasted while her love for her parents didn’t.

Tears or regret streamed down her cheeks.




30 thoughts on “Stream Of Consciousnesses Saturday- Sty

  1. Touching little story that hits home. When I left home (after my parents divorced) I never went back. My dad and I rarely saw each other afterwards, had very little to talk about. He was a Jekyll and Hyde type…didn’t want him around my kids.

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