Things I love in the month of February # 26 – Baking

Paula has asked us to share something we love, for each day of the month of February.

For my # 26 love, I choose;


As a teenager, I found the well-loved and often used cookbooks that belonged to my late mother. They had such beautiful pictures of cakes, breads, cookies and desserts that I was tempted to try my hand at making them.

In those days, we had very limited ingredients available in my country but I made substitutions and tried everything that I could from those pages. I became quite good at making cakes and breads. In fact when I got married, I didn’t knew how to prepare regular meals, but I could make/bake very nice cakes and desserts.

This one is from my year of birth!

A newer version!




16 thoughts on “Things I love in the month of February # 26 – Baking

  1. I went through a phase of baking in my teens too. Cookies and fresh bread! Yum. I learned how to cook regular stuff by watching my mother. Then experimented on my own. My ex taught me a few things too, stuff he’d learned from his mother and grandmother.

    Your grandmother or aunties didn’t teach you? Tsk tsk😉😂💕

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