Friday Fun- The Path I treaded

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

Friday Fun – your path

we all travel through life in our best way possible
often on quite different paths
none are right or wrong, just different!

get creative and share your path
in poem, photos, fiction or fantasy?


I was born in a home that was blessed with both parents

But tragedy befell when I was just a child, losing my mum

Circumstances changed and demanded that I tread a path

Balanced between childhood and grownup caution

I needed to be careful not displeasing my new mother

Keeping on the good side of her, I tried my best but I was a child

Rebellion often raised its head, making me stand my ground

On matters which appeared trivial to grownups

But were important to a teenager, so trouble ensued

But I was always the one to apologize and give way

I still tread a cautious path, being careful of not offending

It is a habit ingrained in me through years of practice

Now I bless the circumstances that taught me these traits

Gave me the habit of giving way, and trying to understand

The point of view of others and being able to compromise




26 thoughts on “Friday Fun- The Path I treaded

  1. I used to tread on paths like that. These days, those paths make me fall down and go OUCH.

    I had an abusive father with a hair-trigger temper and even with the utmost caution, there was a limit to what you could do to prevent him from going crazy — and violent. Rather than learn to tread a careful path, my goal was to get out of there. I was gone before I was 17. It was the smartest move I could make.

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  2. Working with step parents isn’t always easy. (I also lost my birth mother when I was very young). The first step mother I had wasn’t happy and left with her young child… the second Step Mom was fairly young and was almost a rival for my father’s attentions. I tried to be a peace maker until I couldn’t and then, when I was able, I left. Now I do the best I can since my father passed and ‘Mom’ has severe dementia. We can only do the best we can.

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