Stream Of Consciousnesses Saturday- Nerve

Linda is the host of Stream Of Consciousnesses Saturday

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “nerve.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!


“You have some nerve!”

“Oh, this touch a nerve has it!”

“Please your arguments are getting on my nerves

“Can you give it a rest and let my nerves recover from all this bickering “

“My nerves are stretched to a breaking point”

“Use some lavender oil, I heard it’s good for soothing the nerves!”

This nervous post is in response to Linda’s SoCS prompt




18 thoughts on “Stream Of Consciousnesses Saturday- Nerve

  1. Oh, good word topic…my nerves have been tested greatly this week. Almost to the point of exceeding my medication! Hahaha! I’m one of those Texans putting up with the weather – no power for three days; broken pipe and no water for two days now; trying to get insurance company off the dime and get moving to help (realizing they are swamped), and just doing things on my own to get life back to “normal”.

    Things to do today – go look for water anywhere I can find it. Buy jugs and fill them; buy packaged water; something. Still waiting on water/flood damage people to call about getting carpets dried out. I’ve squeegeed as much as I can out of them, but they are still wet – not good. Called first plumber about fixing pipe – “Sure we can do that on March 4th.” Nope, nope, nope…call another, and another. Bingo! Found one who can come next week.

    So…I’ve become a wervous neck with hakey shands, and drumpy gisposition! Help! 😁

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  2. I think most people are nervous these days with a pandemic that is evolving new variants of the hateful virus and a vaccine that is being rolled out unevenly around the world. Perfect timing for a post about nerves! You hit the nail on the head with these quotes and sayings.

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