Rory asks; How true you are to yourself

Rory, the curious blogger asks;

Now to the questions … don’t just answer these questions simply, give them some deep thought first…

How true to your real personality, your true personality, your youniquity personality are you? 

Be honest, not just answer how you think you are to be read, but are you truly you?

Do you believe in you and your ability to always be you and true to your personality or are you at times mindful or wary of those around you and how they expect you to be and behave??

You don’t have to answer all the questions should you not wish to however, let me know your views below…

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It took me a lot of years to be truly, true to myself.

The way I was brought up made a huge impact on how I behaved. I am usually wary of offending people, especially my family. I am also careful how I deal with strangers.

Being polite, and calm was ingrained into my personality. Being respectful to elders was a must. Family obligations must always be met with smiles and an open heart. Even if you don’t like these people, you have to be extra nice to them. I did all that and there was a lot of resentment in my heart.

One can never truly break the mold in which our eastern society makes us but to a large degree, I have broken free from these restrictions. I am more true to my outspoken nature now.

I am now being myself. I don’t keep quiet when I need to speak up. I share my views, however, conflicting it may be to the general opinion. I don’t pander to people just to be polite. I believe that friendship or any relationship should be based on equality and so if I feel I’m being taken for granted, I withdraw from that relationship.

So I do think that I am finally being true to myself.




34 thoughts on “Rory asks; How true you are to yourself

  1. It’s not an easy thing to do, to be absolutely true to yourself, often mitigating factors enter in. For example, I find it harder to be true to myself when I am tired or not feeling well, at those times it’s easy for me to be bullied. For the most part I do my best to live up to my own values and standards, but there are certain times and situations that make it more challenging.

    Great question and insightful answers, Sadje.

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  2. Hey MaSadje, excellent answers.

    With regards you finding the strength and determination to be true to yourself – how did your family react to it ? Not just your family as in immediate, dut relatives to you? You are both modern and traditional in your life – are they equally as forward?

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    1. Only my husband sometimes points out that I shouldn’t have said that or done that! But the rest of them are okay, specially my daughters. The extended family can think whatever they like! 😃

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