Question Fun- Game 3

Rory is the host of Question Fun

QF – S4 – G3 – Topic – “Just Random!”

Question 7

Does ‘methodical order and sequencing’ really matter?

Not to everyone, but I like things to be in some sort of sequence and order. It makes organizing things easier and also satisfies the OCD brain. For example, the numbering of these questions are topsy turvy, but I’m letting them be, because I think that is part of the puzzle.

Question 3

Given the choice which historiographical era could you live in comfortably if you had to go back ‘in time’ and why do you think you could?

I don’t want to go back in time but if I must, I’d choose my childhood era! Early 1960’s. The pace was slow, life was simpler and both my parents were alive. That would make things confusing for them but would make this journey in time worth all the risks for me because then I can meet my mom as an adult and get to know her.

Question 9

What type of advertising really ticks you off as in – it doesn’t matter what the product is … because of the way it is actually advertised you become instantly annoyed and hostile with the medium … this is NOT a political campaign question?

Too repetitive, too cheesy, weird premise to base the adverts on. I think we can say safely that I don’t like most advertising. The only ones I like are the funny ones. And those too, only the first 100 times or so!

Question 83

What topics or passions could you write freely and knowledgeably on for say 3000 words if you had to?


3000 Words!!!!

I don’t think I can write 3000 words on any subject, however passionate or knowledgeable I am about it. I just lack the amount of concentration required to do such a lengthy piece of writing.

Question 2

What could you NOT do for money – given the obvious – so this is not about harming yourself or harming or mudering others – so aside from that side of things – what could you not just do for cash?

Sell my self-respect.

Or admire a corrupt or bad person, even on the surface.

Compromise on my principles

Or vote for Trump or BoJo

Question 1

When was the last time that you read something and it touched you in some deep dark way?

I read a lot of things here on the blogosphere that touch me. Some make me sad, some are thought-provoking while others are enlightening. I don’t remember being touched in a dark way. The same goes for the literature that I prefer.

I guess it’s a conscious choice to stay away from this sort of stimulation.

Question 101

How did you murder that person and how did you get rid of the body?

It was a direct assault. I made my character plunge a pen filled with ink into his evil heart and hence the deed was done. Getting rid of the body was easy, as it was the fictional villain’s job and he did it without any input from me!




10 thoughts on “Question Fun- Game 3

  1. We get adverts here for loans of credit cards. They use oh-so-jolly actors – you can finally have the yacht you dreamed about – but have interest rates sometimes in the 1,000s %. They show those adverts during the day, specifically when an unemployed person might be watching tv. I despise those ads.

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