Things I love in the month of February # 16 – Time saving gadgets

Paula has asked us to share something we love, for each day of the month of February.

For my # 16 love, I choose;

Time saving gadgets

Most young people wouldn’t know how to wash clothes with hands, or wring them with hands to hang them out to dry. I used to do that when I was younger. Now sitting here I hear both the washer and dryer running, doing their respective jobs and am very grateful for these modern inventions.

I hope they invent a machine where we put in washed laundry and it presses and folds them neatly. How cool would that be!



28 thoughts on “Things I love in the month of February # 16 – Time saving gadgets

  1. As a young woman, I had an old-fashioned wringer washer, where one put the clothes into a tub, washed them (it did that), then ran the wet clothes through a wringer into a second tub where one could rinse them. The wet clothes then had to be hung on a clothesline to dry. When there was little money in my pocket, it sure saved going to the laundromat, but drying the clothes in the winter especially was a pain. My basement smelt of wet clothes! In the spring/summer, it was a joy (to me) to hang the clothes out on the line and let them dry in the breeze. They always smelled GREAT! I sort of miss those days…

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    1. They do smell good in summer and spring! Things have changed a lot with time. We still have no concept of a laundromat in my country. People have their own system or have someone come in and wash the clothes for them.


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