Rory Asks; What inspires our imagination

Rory is asking;

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What teases and tickles your imagination the most when it comes to responding to creative writing prompts? [Why that particular one?]

As you know, imagination is a fickle thing. Sometimes even a hint is enough to get it going and at others, even a whole paragraph is not going to stimulate it.

For myself, I need to feel some sort of connection when I see an image or read a prompt.

When I was doing multi-prompt posts based on daily Prompts, I would create an image in my mind or download it from the free library and then write around it.

What do you look for specifically, when you are seeking out something different to your usual genre prompt? 

Something that challenges my imagination. Or alternatively, channels it to something unusual. Both work.

I am greatly appreciative of all the effort that goes into giving verbal or visual prompts. Many thanks to all those bloggers who put in such great effort.

What makes for, in your opinion a great creative writing prompt?

It has to be different for different people. No one size fits all. Something one would consider mundane will inspire a beautiful creation from the mind of another. I like Sue Vincent prompts where she couples her own photograph with a word that describes the image. It promotes a lot of interesting responses.

Any word or image can make our imagination create a masterpiece, it just has to be the right time and right frame of mind.

I hope that Rory starts his prompts again. There is no doubt that he made us think and ponder before we came up with a response.




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