42 Words -Crime

Deb Whitman is the host of 42 Words


There’s crime a foot this week on 42 words and you’re the one in charge of wrapping it up – in 42 words.  What type of crime, where, when, how, why?  I don’t know but I suspect we will have a few suspects to consider.  So jump to it folks and get the hounds on the trail for this is the second to last week and we need to find our criminal.


Caught red handed

Guilty as charged

But they were incompetent

Could not prove the crimes against him

Now he’s free to spew his words of hate once again

Already planning another assault on humanity

Can no one stop his crimes against humanity


42 Words



32 thoughts on “42 Words -Crime

  1. It is sad when so many are ‘afraid’ of one little man. In conversation about ‘such’ it was stated that one hope that other crimes which couldn’t proceed, now could and hopefully that would be enough to alter the guilty Man’s future course…

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