What do you see # 68 -A Roundup


Born into murky waters

Its environs not clean or attractive

Yet it’s beauty is unmatched, pure

It derives the best from its environment

And shows us that we too can overcome

The handicap of our birth or circumstances

And blossom forth into the world, full of grace and dignity


A beautiful turnout this week. I loved the variety and the beauty of the submitted pieces.

Please click on the links to read the contributions of our wonderful bloggers.

Chris Hall; Be tranquil

Happy Soul; A tiny marvel

Reena; Faith

Tina; Imprisoned beauty

Books and Bonsai; Water Lily

Kittysverses; A summer lily

Susi; Unwinding

Regina; A joyful place

Jules; Daily opalesque fortunes and my paragon stone

Di; What do you see # 68

Paula; Illusion

Eugenia; Dreaming

Radhika; Enlightening beauties

Erlyn; A morning monologue

Jude; Pools of Elysium

Liyona; Dahlia darling

Punam; Me

Jeff; Wonder

Michnavs; My flowers came too late

Tessa; Oh where’s grandma

Suzette; It’s always summer

Kritika; Rosy Tinge

Jennifer; It’s always summer

Goutam; Water lilies

Carol; What do you see # 68


I will be posting next week’s prompt on Monday, 12:00 pm, PKT.

My sincere thanks to all the participants, and those who wrote, commented and shared these posts.




33 thoughts on “What do you see # 68 -A Roundup

  1. I believe I have read that, what you have related about the Lotus.
    And I agree, we can become better than what we were born into – at no matter what avenue address, we can become better for ourselves and for others.

    Liked by 2 people

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