Sunday Poser # 15

Welcome back to week 15 of Sunday Poser

Now, this is a very obvious question to be asking on Valentine’s Day!

What does love mean to you?

I think for myself, the best description of love is, putting the interest and welfare of someone above my own. Any love, be it familial, romantic, or between friends, one is willing to go beyond one’s own comfort zone for the other person.

It could mean staying up late to lend an ear to their rantings, or a helping hand to finish a project. Eating something disgusting and still smiling and praising their cooking. Or it could mean sitting outside an operation theater and waiting anxiously for news.

Love has so many faces and forms but for me, it spells care and affection.

What does ❤️ it mean for you?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section.



28 thoughts on “Sunday Poser # 15

  1. I don’t know if this counts or not. I have a friend who lost his dad several years ago and went on a rip-roaring bender over his loss. We were both working in Washington State at the time. His wife called me late at night wondering if I had seen or talked to him recently. I had not – he wasn’t at work that day, but I figured at first he just took a day off. She asked me to go to his apartment to check on him after telling me the news about his father. She was afraid he had gotten extremely drunk and didn’t know what he would do.

    After she gave me the security codes to get into his complex, I went to his apartment and knocked on the door – no answer. I let my self in, calling his name as I went. I went into the kitchen and saw three twelve packs of beer sitting on the counter. One was totally empty; the second on on had one can left; and the third was untouched. There were beer cans all over the place. I continued searching but did not find him in the house. Now I’m worried. Where the hell is he?

    His apartment had a garage below the unit, so I went downstairs to check to see if his car was there. What I saw sent chills down my spine. The car was there, and he was slumped over the steering wheel. “Come on, my friend…don’t be doing this to me.” I yelled his name as I went to the drivers side to open the door. The closer I got the louder I yelled and finally saw him move – he was just sleeping off one helluva drunk. Scared the crap out of me.

    I had promised his wife I would call and let her know what I found, which I did after waking him up. Over the next several days, I played nurse maid trying to keep him sober and talking to our boss to help keep his job. A couple days later I went to the airport to pick up his son who was going to shepherd him back home for his dad’s funeral.

    My friend and I had known each other (at that time) for almost 21 years. I hired him while I was the department supervisor for the CNC programming group, working on the F-22 Raptor. It was his first real programming job. About 15 years later, he hired me to work for him at Bell Helicopter where he was now the boss. We both eventually ended up in Seattle working for Boeing when he lost his dad.

    He was and is, a good man. Like all of us, he has his demons and those demons scared the crap out of me that day. I thought I had lost him. We stay in touch even though he moved his family to the Seattle area and I came back to Texas after my contract was up. He was my right hand man for several years until the F-22 project was over, and we went our separate ways as foot-loose contractors. We are part of a large network of contractors who help each other out at times, letting guys know when jobs are open. Of all of my contacts, my buddy is special and I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

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    1. This is such a moving account. True friendship and love for your buddy made you bold enough to face the things you may not want to see. Great inspiration Larry. Thanks for sharing my friend


  2. I agree with you, Sadje. Love is about putting the other person before yourself… in a healthy way of course. Being happy with their happiness.

    When I think of the first person I want to share good or bad news with, that’s a person I love.💝

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  3. A great question, Sadje. I agree with you. I would say that love is about reciprocity, kindness, devotion, care, and the ability to stand for that person or person’s, especially when it’s hard. Have a lovely week, my friend. ❤️

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  4. Love is complicated. I think you did a good summary, There are so many ways you can love beyond people too, Not just pets but a favorite activity or hobby. Love is all around and to quote the Beatles “All you need is love!”

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