Thursday Photo Prompt- Deeper # WritePhoto

Sue Vincent is the host of Thursday Photo Challenge

This week’s prompt ~ Deeper

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a sheer drop from old stone… a bridge, perhaps, or the battlements of a castle… there is no way to tell… Below is deep, dark water, swirling, fringed by autumnal trees…


Step back from the edge

It’s not safe to go near

The drop is deeper than what you imagine

More dangerous than what you perceive

But how will I know what lies ahead

If I stop myself from taking a risk every time

How will I experience life if I just skim the surface

And never delve into the deeper meaning of life

Go ahead then, but proceed with due care

Indulge in adventure but with prudence

Living with reckless abandon may be exciting for a while

But living with its consequences is our bane




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