Tale Weaver – #314 – Lotion – February 11th and my # 11 for the month of February

Michael is the host of Tale Weaver

This week write your response to the word – Lotion.

It may be relaxing, comforting, curative, a life saver, even magical – go where the prompt leads you.


Paula has asked us to share something we love, for each day of the month of February.

For my # 11 love for the month of February, I choose;


Have you ever been too tired to sleep?

I have often been. I suffer from restless leg syndrome and if I get too tired or it gets late, like past midnight, I just can’t seem to lie still on my bed. Lie long enough to go to sleep.

I discovered the cure accidentally. My daughter gifted me a peppermint based foot cream and I tried it on my legs as well. This worked like magic and calmed my overexcited and tired muscles and I fell asleep shortly.

I then researched and found a calming lavender lotion from Aveeno which is very good. It helps soothe the irritation of muscles and relives their tiredness.

Do give it a try if you suffer from restless leg syndrome or are too tired to get good sleep. It’s also good for babies, as my little granddaughter loves to have her tiny feet and legs massaged with it.

I think that herbal remedies really work and should be our first go-to when faced with health issues.





25 thoughts on “Tale Weaver – #314 – Lotion – February 11th and my # 11 for the month of February

  1. I used to have RLS so bad I had to go  to the ER.  It was worse than any pain I had experienced and I thought I would lose my mind.  I finally got some Med for it but even that didn’t help enough.  It’s something you can’t see and hard to explain.

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  2. I have often been too tired to sleep. I don’t have restless leg syndrome but I do rum patchouli-scented lotion on when I need help sleeping. It usually works!


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