Twelve Bloggerz – February Edition

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Game #10– February 2021

Season 2

1. How high are your current energy and wellbeing levels as in are you relaxed, chilled, tense or stressed or do you think that despite everything you are doing pretty well and your mental health is balanced?

Right now, I am recovering from my gallbladder surgery and my energy level is not as high as it usually is. But despite that, I think I am doing pretty well today, and am hoping that my health and energy level keeps on getting better day by day, as well as my feelings of wellbeing. The same goes for my mental health.

2. Do you perform any ‘refreshing cleanses or routines’ to help you prepare for the day or the week ahead?

Yes, I do. My first routine is to meditate and pray first thing in the morning. Then I take a brief walk before breakfast.

That starts the day on a good note. I take several walks during the day and they keep my mental and physical energy level on a good even keel.

3. When was the last time you had a major ‘declutter’ of the house and do you have one planned again?

I keep on doing decluttering regularly as I don’t like too much stuff. But the last major de-cluttering took place when we moved house four years ago. I gave away a lot of stuff. Some of it was what I could have used! But I think it’s better to have fewer things than more than we need.

4. Do you have a ‘happy place’ you can go to relax and chill out – if so what or where is it?

My happy place is in my mind and it goes everywhere with me. But I can access it only when I am at peace with myself. No stress of unfinished chores or daily stresses hanging over my head.

5. What are three of your favourited songs that you listen to when you wish to wind down and let the day pass you by for a while?

I like to listen to soft music if I am in a mellow mood or something foot-tapping if I want a brisk walk to unwind. The songs keep on changing with time.

6. Which is more important in your eyes … to be kind or to be nice?

To be kind is more important.

One can be nice apparently, with ulterior motives, but we usually are kind because we are kind at heart. Though the best scenario would be to be nice and kind too, genuinely.

7. When was the last time you experienced a strange and bizarre dream and what was it about and also, what do you think it means/meant?

I am sure I’ve had strange and bizarre dreams, but I never can remember them. And since I can’t remember them, I canning tell you what I think they mean!

8. When was the last time you accidentally made yourself jump or you scared yourself?

Sometimes I scare myself when I see, or think I saw something from the corner of my eye. It’s not there but can scare me specially if I’m alone and it’s night time.

9. If you had the opportunity of looking 10 years into your own future and living there for a day – would you take the journey?


It will take out all the fun out of the next ten years. I’d either be too excited if something nice was going to happen and it would be an anticlimax or too apprehensive! So no thank you!

10. How organic are you and your lifestyle [as in chemical free]?

Not very. I’m quite laid back and don’t go to too much effort in getting organic produce or products. My theory is that I’ve survived so long with using whatever is available, so it’s probably okay for the rest of my life. I do try to recycle and reuse things.

11. How well do you sleep and how many hours are you able to sleep daily and more importantly, how rested do you feel each and every day upon waking?

Most days I sleep well. I get around 7- 7:30 hours of sleep and I do feel well-rested most days unless of course there is another attack of INSOMNIA!

12. When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone and felt immediately better for it?

The most prominent example is when I started my blog. It was totally not planned and was an amazing experience from the start.

Thank you Rory for these lovely questions.



24 thoughts on “Twelve Bloggerz – February Edition

  1. I think everyone declutters when they move. We are due for another declutter soon… mainly what I need to do is downsize my photo collection someway. Maybe time to go at least 50% digital for my old photos. Great answers Sadje!

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