Things I love in the month of February # 7 – Fragrances

Paula has asked us to share something we love, for each day of the month of February

For my # 7 thing that I love, I choose; fragrances

I have always loved floral fragrance. Be they from fresh flowers like roses, jasmine or narcissus, or perfumes made from floral fragrances.

My current favs are ;

Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Coco by Chanel

Black opium by YSL

There are many others I’ve loved and used through my life, but these are currently on my dresser.



20 thoughts on “Things I love in the month of February # 7 – Fragrances

  1. I used to love perfumes, colognes, and fragrances in general. Unfortunately hubby developed a health issue and I can no longer wear them without risking making him sick. But I sill enjoy the fragrance of flowers, especially roses and lilacs – they’re my favorites.

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  2. Long time ago I used to buy Coty Wild Musk Oil… loved it and being an oil the scent lasted longer I thought. My favorite fragrance now is a bottle I got from Bath and Body Works – Sensual Amber.

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