Tale Weaver – #313 – Finding Something Forgotten – February 4th

Michael is the host of Tale Weaver

This week compose a response to the prompt: Finding Something Forgotten.


Talking to a family member, I found a memory long forgotten

An incident that took place when I was a child of six

I would wonder where my mom went when she died

And someone said that she is up there in the sky with God

I planned in my mind to build a long, a very long ladder

So that I could climb up there and meet her again

The plan came to nothing, obviously and the memory forgotten

But a conversation brought it back to my mind and

I marveled at the innocence and naivety of my younger self




34 thoughts on “Tale Weaver – #313 – Finding Something Forgotten – February 4th

  1. I agree with Ben’s Grandma about the simplicity of a child’s mind…they don’t know they can’t do things they dream up. That is, until we adults shoot them down with our “You can’t do that” attitudes. I heard the word “stupid” around my house so much, I didn’t think I was smart enough to do much of anything until there was something I really wanted to do. I heard “stupid” in my head, but wanted to do the task really bad. I had to overcome that word and step out into the unknown to get it done. I found out I wasn’t so stupid after all.

    Children should grow up being encouraged to try things in the right way – with patience, guidance, love, and common sense to explain things to them. I wonder what we could accomplish by doing that?

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    1. You’re so right! And I think the naivety is a child’s greatest power. It should never be dampened down into adult cynicism. I was lucky to have a very kind and gentle father who encouraged my efforts, always. And I did accomplish a lot more than what I thought I could.


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