Eugi’s Weekly Prompt- Winter

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Your Weekly Prompt  Winter – February 4, 2021.


The months of winter bring us

Cozy snuggles under the blankets

Warm roaring fire casting a golden glow

All seems idyllic when one has shelter and warmth

Image a threadbare blanket and freezing weather

The room is dark and frigid without light or heat

The snow is piling up outside, no way to get warm food

The harshness of the climate, hard to find comfort

These are two sides of the same coin

One side shows us all that’s best about winters

The other side, shows a dismal picture, difficult to ignore

So when you enjoy the warmth of your hearth

Spare a thought for those going through this season

Without the comfort of heat or hot food to keep them safe




30 thoughts on “Eugi’s Weekly Prompt- Winter

  1. Absolutely!! When I was 19, I was homeless for a while, slept in my car. Even in SoCal, winters can be difficult, even inside a car.
    It’s an absolute disgrace for any country to have so many homeless people.
    Not every homeless person is an addict or mentally ill either. I had a job, at the time. A series of misfortunes led to me being homeless. Many people are suffering the same now, or are very close to it.

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    1. Yes, exactly so. I remember one of Rory’s comment about snow looking good when you’re warm inside and safe.
      It was an eye opener when I saw so many homeless people in Seattle and New York. I’d mistakenly thought that the number 1 country in the world would be better than us.

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  2. Winter is a season of two faces, depending on whether you play in it or have to work in it. As a kid I was a member of the play group. I couldn’t wait to go sled riding, build snowmen, or have a snowball fight. I even learned how to ice skate on a frozen creek near my house.

    As an adult, it was a different story entirely when I had to work in it. Shoveling sidewalks and driveways was NO fun at all. Coming out of work (2nd shift) at midnight to a car with a foot of snow on it; with 3 foot deep drifts piled up against the door; and the door locks frozen was a nightmare. Where would I get a shovel at that time of night? Dig it out by hand while the wind chill drops below zero; beat on the door locks trying to break them free so the key will work without breaking off in the lock; once inside, hope it starts and if it does, sit there shivering like a leaf in a tornado until the heat starts to flow…maybe 10-15 minutes? That is a very long wait when you are cold to the bone. You can finally see thru the windshield so you decide to head home, only to find the drivers door won’t latch…lock still not thawed out enough to latch. So you head out hanging onto the door so it doesn’t fly open; you are shaking uncontrollably; your teeth are chattering; and you are miserable beyond words. You get home and find the city has plowed the street and dumped the snow onto your driveway. Dig it out dummy so you can put the car in the garage…another 30 minutes. Car door finally latches as you pull into garage. Grrr…!

    Do a no-no and make yourself a cup of coffee to warm up before going to bed…wife hates sleeping with an iceburg. You can keep your winter. 🤨

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  3. Well said, Sadje, and yes, there are 2 sides to the coin. The weather can be cruel to those that are unfortunate enough not to have the comforts of shelter or a way to protect themselves from the harshness of extreme weather. Thank you for joining in.

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  4. The formatting you used here is so effective in showing the two sides. Especially with the recent snow storms here on the east coast, it’s so easy to think only of hot chocolate and cozy fireplaces and not of the people sleeping in houses without heat or in cars or in a box in an alley.

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  5. a timely reminder Sadje … I experienced those second types of winter in the Himalayas 😦 As a foreigner I was not entitled to fuel or gas and they’d shut our power off for 9 days at a time so the big cities had enough heating …

    No wonder I have an adverse reaction to cold winters 🙂

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