Fandango’s Provocative Question #107

FPQWelcome once again to Fandango’s Provocative Question. Each week I will pose what I think is a provocative question for your consideration.

So my provocative question this week is about blogging hiatuses.

Have you ever taken a hiatus (break) from blogging? If so, how long did your hiatus last and why did you take it? How difficult was it to return to blogging after your hiatus? Did your stats suffer and did you lose readers as a consequence of your absence?


For the last five years, I have been traveling a lot. I would travel to America and then back home once or twice a year. When I started my blog, before traveling, I would schedule my posts for a couple of days in advance because it would take me 24- 36 hours, traveling, from home to home. And due to the time difference, the jet lag would be quite severe.

But I never took a hiatus from blogging, just a short leave, telling my readers that I may not be able to respond to their comments or to read their posts for a few days. But such is the charm and pull of the Blogging world that I would return to it as soon as I could.

Even now, I have a small surgical procedure scheduled for Friday, but I am planning to do the same.

I think since I can pre-schedule my posts for up to a week in advance, it is easy for me to manage even when I am busy. Another convenience is that I blog from my phone so I can do it from anywhere, anytime.

So my answer to Fandango’s question is that I haven’t taken any hiatus from blogging as yet or plan to. And I have no idea what effect it would have on my stats or on the number of followers.




19 thoughts on “Fandango’s Provocative Question #107

  1. For me, I have been blogging for about 2 years. I did take a hiatus at one point from my blogging with my old account for a couple of months. It didn’t affect the people that were following me I don’t think. It did however really affect me and my interest in blogging. I have since shut down that website and opened up the new one. Good luck on Friday.

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    1. Thanks a lot Lisa. I get the second part about losing interest. I know a few bloggers who took a bit of time off and haven’t returned yet. I’m missing those friends.


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